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Persimmon Homes Pevensey BN 24 5DG

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These are always a popular requirement, Intercon Scaffolding Contractors can erect all scaffolding to any chimney stack shape or size,and can vary in design as follows:-

chimney scaffolding

We use beams to span over lower pitched roofs to reduce the potential damage to these roof slopes - but we always insist on being indemnified against any roof damage, due to the nature of the works, and the loads that may be imposed onto the scaffolding, which could cause more damage than the scaffolding itself? - having said (ALL of that) - Intercon Scaffold Company will ALWAYS operate with Due Care and Attention, and be as careful as we can during erect and dismantle procedures

Hailsham Scaffolding - Beamed across the lower roof

Pevensey Scaffolding - All Types of scaffolding constructed by Intercon

Another chimney example showing the good use of beams, to scaffold the chimney stack

Beam Scaffolding - make roof damage less likely,when using scaffolding to access a chimney

Eastbourne Heritage Centre with scaffolding around it

nutley chimney stack scaffoldingWe take care whilst erecting scaffolding in gardens and to protect shrubs and bushes as best we can, whilst still erecting a safe scaffolding structure for you to work on.

Eastbourne Scaffolding to a chimney stack