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The original outline planning permission (granted 3 years ago - for the site that was then called THE WELLS - you can search the wealden council website for loads of info on it)  said that the new housing estate should have a 35m exclusion zone around our scaffold yard. This was founded on a sound survey (echo acoustics) that was performed on 25th July 2013 the recommendations say :-

Sound survey under EXECUTIVE SUMMARY extract " with the implementation of the following noise mitigation measures, residential amenity for the future residence would be suitably protected .... a 3m high noise barrier along the boundary between the development and the SCAFFOLD COMPANY combined with a separation distance of 35 METRES between the boundary and the residential properties"

further in the sound report was a recommendation THAT WINDOWS OF THE NEW HOUSES BE CLOSED AT NIGHT.  copies of the sound survey are available by request.

Before the site started Persimmon Homes held a  "Public" consultation at the local pub, to dismiss fears by the local residence; and produced tall graphics that  shows that Persimmon Homes will respect the 35m noise buffer zone - THEY HAVE NOT !!! and have Lied !! They have now placed 3 properties (Jan 2016 with a further 2 properties due to be placed within the exclusion zone) - see the photo below for the zone area.

Persimmon homes pevensey BN 24 5DG, Rattle Road, Sone Cross,BN24 5DG - homes inside a sound buffer zone, persimmon homes are liars,New homes in pevensey, The Chester, The ChedworthThe Red Area marks the Industrial Estate - Intercon Scaffolding.
The BLUE area is the 35m sound buffer zone - as detailed by PERSIMMON HOMES themselves during the Public Consultation and planning stages.Now they have planning permission they have built on this SOUND buffer zone - New buyers please beware of Industrial NOISE !!
We Operate a 24hr service and generate noise NIGHT and DAY

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