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Persimmon Homes Pevensey BN 24 5DG

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In July 2012 - we have been trained to install Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap Sheeting to our scaffolding structures - well to almost any structure infact.

Since then we have "Scaffold Shrink Wrapped" a Boat - so that refurbishment can be done - the owner wanted to restore the focsle rose to her former glory, and has commisioned a compete hull strip down, sand blast and reinstatement of new decking.

We are about to start works at the Parker steel stockholders depot at shoreham-by-sea, where the Demag Cranes are going to receive a new lease of life.

The space inside the scaffold enclosures was heated, so that the air temperature was good enough to spray apply paint to the newly refurbished balconies

Nice tight drum finish to the scaffold shrink wrap sheeting.


Before we shrink wrapped an enclosure around her - with a working lift running all round