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scaffolding sussexWe have been check a trade members since 2014 - please click on the logo for a link to see our most current feedback

we offer a 24 hour emergency cover - call carl (07974) 264815

intercon scaffolding ramp for car rallyJuly 2013 - The Mongol Rally
A Car Ramp Launch for the start of a gruelling 10,000 miles
rally across a third the surface of the Earth, where the QUICKEST journey time
is some 2 weeks !

Climbing Scaffold Erected by Intercon Scaffolding 01323 767777March 2012

An Outdoor Activity Pursuits Company asked if it would be possible for us to erect a free-standing Abseiling and Climbing tower.  Of course the answer was YES - and here is the result.. It has a massive 9 Tons of "Kentledge" (a technical term for counterbalance weights - to prevent the thing from blowing over) - Here is the result !!! - The Kids LOVE IT  !!!

An Abseiling scaffold erected for an outdoor activity pursuits company

In September 2008 Eastbourne was host to the "GO FAST SPEED DAYS Weekend" and we were asked to erect the start ramp for the competitors. The event was televised by the BBC and also SKY SPORTS. BLUE PETER asked their new presenter Helen Skelton to attempt the course!!

Intercon Scaffolding - Scaffold Ramp, for Eastbourne GO FAST SPEED DAYSClick on Picture - for YouTube video of the event.

Scaffolding for ALL TYPES access scaffolding solutions - If it can be done with scaffolding, we can do it!Start Ramp fully loaded with Eager GO FAST competitors itching to lauch themselves down the ramp as fast as possible - GREAT SIGHT!!

BLUE PETER presenter Helen Skelton getting ready to use the Intercon Scaffolding start ramp

Helen Skelton      (Blue Peter) getting ready to attempt the course - Very Brave Girl -x-

scaffolding in bn, Awesome Scaffolding picture

We were required to provide a COST EFFICIENT means for the client to access high level windows to have them replaced on the Eastbourne Centre (Ex TGWU), and as you can see from the picture below - It looks Pretty Coool !!

cantelevered dropper scaffold,scaffold hanger,scaffold dropper

hailsham scaffolder,seaford scaffolder,bexhill scaffolder,eastbourne scaffolder,ninfield scaffolder,polegate scaffolder,heathfield scaffolder,uckfield scaffolder,crowborough scaffolderSome 80' up in the air !! The cantelevered scaffold covered the whole building so that the entire top floor windows could be replaced The scaffolders were extremely careful during all operations, to ensure that nothing were to fall - lanyards on all tools etc.

The brief we were given was to erect a level platform some 85' x 45' on sloping ground to site a wedding marquee for 150 guests + waiters etc and tables / chairs. The site slope was 13' overall - the schedule was all important.

Scaffold platform for marque,wedding marque scaffold,scaffold on south downs

                    South Downs. East Sussex.

Birdcage Scaffolding

Scaffold Platform, scafhold

We have a letter of praise from the organizer of the event, who commended the scaffolds on site and the office for the efficient professional execution of the works all within the allotted time span.

Scaffold gantry erected over a weak flat roof Northiam

This gantry scaffold spanned a lower flat roof (WEAK) to house a site office - with stair tread access.

Scaffold Staging with stairs

A Covered stage area for a D.J outside radio Broadcasting event - then later the same day used for a fashion show catwalk stage.

Oast House Scaffolding Bexhill

Scaffolding Access to cowls without touching the roof!!! for redoration works.
Scaffolding in Bexhill

Wicked Scaffolding

Nice and tricky:) but again Intercon has the care and consideration needed when you are selecting your "scaffolding contractor" 

Scaffold Spectator Stand,scaffold seating stand,scaffold tiered seating,public scaffold standAn Outside Theatre Production Public Seating Stand with Tiered platforms with a higher level covered mixing desk and lighting control

Seating stand by intercon scaffolding (01323) 767777, support scaffoldingAbsolute PRECISION is the key here!! - All braced with check fittings as the loads imposed, and the potential inertia during public movement can be immense! INTERCON have the ability and capability to solve stage scaffolds for theatre production sets both indoors and outdoors.

Intercon Sponsors the Eastbourne Half MarathonA Charitable scaffold for the EASTBOURNE HALF MARATHON. Intercon scaffolding has provided the start / stop gantry for the runners for the last  3 years and are provide to be associated with this yearly event. We have also provided the Downhill Gravity Association with a starting ramp.

Fire Escape scaffolding staircase, access scaffolding staircase,emergency scaffold staircase,fire escape scaffold stairsFire Escape Staircase on a Hotel. You will notice that there is a mid-point landing as required by law - having one continuious run of stairs would contravene Health & Safety regulations.

We can supply and erect BS 5837 scaffolding framework with wire mesh tree protection, and can provide testimonials from clients in Haywards Heath where we were responsible for the installation of 1200m of scaffolding framework tree protection - below is a small section:-

Tree Protection, BS 5837, Erected with Scaffolding from Intercon Scaffolding Contractors (01323) 767777

Tree Protection heras fencing erected in Haywards Heath, East Sussex

Loading bay scaffold eastbourne,heavy duty scaffold,dump truck scaffolding

This scaffold in Eastbourne was designed to take the load of a Mini DUMPER TRUCK ontop of it - as shown !!!