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Temporary Roof Scaffolding eastbourne, erected by Intercon Scaffolding Company

A Fire Damage Building. Scaffold Temporary Roof with a Corrugated roof with a span of 65', with access to chimney stacks by means of scaffold droppers from the temporary scaffold roof - so as to not interfere with the rebuilding works undercover.

Bridging Scaffolding spanning the roadThe access road to the side of the building had to be maintained - without effecting the stability or integrity of the scaffolding structure - debris netting and hoist netting were placed overhead to protect against falling verticle tile-hanging whilst the building was made safe from the scaffolding above.

Intercon Scaffolding Erectors,neat scaffold sheeting                                                  Scaffold sheeting enclosed the building and made it water tight. netting used lower down (underneath the roofline) to reduce the windloading effect on the scaffolding structure during periods of high wind.

Intercon Scaffolding shrink wrapping service - Now AvailableFantastic Dusk photo with Eastbourne Martello tower in the background, and the shrink wrap scaffold encapsulation by Intercon Scaffolding in the foreground.

This is a current ongoing contract through to May 2013 - so gonna keep the intercon boys busy for some time !!

Scaffold shrink wrap sheeting by Intercon ScaffoldingWe can now offer a scaffold encapsulation service - where the scaffolding is covered with heat shrink sheeting

Loft Conversion Scaffold enclosed the roof Heathfield,East SussexTemporary Roof for the construction of new loft conversion and alteration of existing roof structure,in Heathfield. In EXPOSED LOCATION - We didn't loose any side cladding at all!!- even during 3 days of STORM - phew!

Competitive Scaffolding, Affordable Scaffolding by Intercon Same building as above but photograph of  Temporary Roof Scaffolding taken from the back garden - monaflex sheeting intact!

Temporary Roof Tenterden, InterconAn Industrial steel clad roof in Tenterden; to be completely removed and replaced - we alarmed the scaffold for security, as the complete roof was removed in one go.

scaffolding roof sheets were carefully dressed around the chimney stack to prevent any leaks. Great Scaffolding chaps!!Same Building as above - we had to work around the HUGH chimney stack that protruded through our scaffolding temporary roof - making sure of a really good seal between roof and stack!!

Scaffold Hire,scaffold enclosure,scaffold top hat,scaffold top out,scaffold hat

Scaffolding in Crowborough

intercon scafold,intercon scaffolding,tin hat,top hat,scaffolder in,scaffolding in,scaffold inA Bungalow having its roof removed and a huge loft conversion inside a new higher roof

Roof Covered with scaffolding temporary roofIntercon Scaffolding - We have it COVERED !!
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